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Germany. Bundesliga — Tips and bets

The last Bundesliga seasons were very predictable in terms of the champion, but there is other intrigue. Every year there is a fight for places in the Champions League.

Who will win Bundesliga?

Season 2018/2019 is unlikely to surprise in terms of the leader. Bayern is now almost at an unattainable level for the rest of the German clubs. Borussia Dortmund, Schalke, RB Leipzig and Bayer expect to compete for a place in the Champions League.

Bundesliga rules

  • 1st-4th places - Champions League;
  • 5th and 6th place - Europa League;
  • 7th place – qualifying round of Europa League;
  • 16th place - relegation playoff
  • 17th and 18th place-departure in 2.BLAH;

In Germany, there are enough local derbies, but the most famous is the confrontation between Dortmund and Bayern, as well known as the Ruhr Derby. It is worth paying special attention to these matches:

Bundesliga Fixtures

  • Borussia D vs Bayern (10 November 2018);
  • Schalke vs Borussia D (8 December 2018);
  • Bayern vs Borussia D (6 April 2019);
  • Borussia D vs Schalke (27 April 2019).
33.3% WR-0.89% ROI
50% WR0.93% ROI
52.9% WR-2.31% ROI
55% WR-0.35% ROI
76.2% WR6.26% ROI
64.3% WR-0.66% ROI
50% WR0.93% ROI
55% WR-0.35% ROI
44.1% WR-3.98% ROI
58.1% WR-2.12% ROI