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Spain. La Liga — Tips and bets

The Spanish Primera is one of the European top championships. This tournament includes one of the worlds most famous football matches – El Clásico. Today, Primera is one of the most popular tournaments on Betting Insider.

Who will win La Liga (Primera)?

The new season of the Spanish La Liga started on August 17th and finishes on May 26th. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico are the traditional favourites of the tournament. After the 3rd Matchday Barcelona and Real Madrid confirm their status, Atletico still slips.

Primera (La Liga) Rules

1st-4th places – Champions League;
5th and 6th place - Europa League;
18th-20tn space – Relegation.

In Spain, there are enough exciting derbies:

  • Real Madrid-Atletico (29 September 2018);
  • Barcelona - Real Madrid (28 October 2018);
  • Atletico vs Barcelona (25 November 2018);
  • Atletico vs Real Madrid (10 February 2019);
  • Real Madrid vs Barcelona (3 March 2019);
  • Barcelona vs Atletico (7 April 2019).
47.1% WR-1.67% ROI
66.7% WR2.68% ROI
38.5% WR0.87% ROI
33.3% WR-2.04% ROI
50% WR-0.19% ROI
66.7% WR-0.52% ROI
33.3% WR-2.04% ROI
63.5% WR4.38% ROI
53.8% WR-1.48% ROI
52.4% WR-3.81% ROI