1. General terms and definitions

The following Rules pertaining to the Betting Insider (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) stipulate the manner of accepting bets, paying winnings and resolving disputes, as well as the specific features of certain bets on certain sports. These Rules shall govern any other relations between the Betting Insider and the customer.

These Rules shall apply to betting on the website and all Betting Insider apps.

Bet - is a risk-driven agreement for potential winnings entered into between the customer and the Betting Insider under the established Rules, where the fulfillment of such agreement is conditioned by an event whose outcome is yet to be determined. Bets are accepted on the conditions offered by Betting Insider.

Outcome - is the result of the event (events) on which the bet was placed.

Customer - is an individual placing a bet with Betting Insider on an outcome.

Bet Cancellation - is an outcome on which the bet is not settled and winnings are not paid. As per the Rules, in the event of “bet cancellation”, an arrangement between the Betting Insider and the customer shall be deemed unconcluded and the stake shall be refunded.

Regular Time - is the duration of the match subject to the regulations of the relevant sport, including time added by the referee. Regular time does not include extra time, overtime(s), penalty shootouts, etc

2. Registration

To use all of the features of Betting Insider (“Application”), you must be registered. The Application is available to users who have reached the age of 18. The application reserves the right to deny access to this website, at any time and to any user, at its own discretion.

3. General Terms

Betting Insider accepts bets on sports and other events worldwide.

Bets may only be placed by individuals who are 18 years of age or the age of majority in their state (if the age of majority is over 18) and agree to the Betting Rules offered by the Betting Insider.

The following individuals are not allowed to place bets:

- individuals who are under 18 years of age at the time of placement;

- individuals who directly participate in the events being betted on (e.g. sportspeople, coaches, referees, club owners or club management, or other individuals who can influence the outcome of the event), as well as any individuals acting on their behalf;

The bettor shall be held liable for the violation of paragraphs 2, 3 hereof. Should these Rules be violated, Betting Insider reserves the right to refuse to pay any winnings or to refund stakes, as well as to cancel any bets. Betting Insider shall not be liable in relation to the moment when they become aware that the customer falls within any of the aforementioned categories. This means that Betting Insider shall be entitled to take the above measures at any time once they have become aware that the customer is an individual who can be designated as above.

Betting Insider shall be entitled to refuse bets from customers who fail to abide by these Rules. Betting Insider reserves the right to refuse to accept a bet of any type from any customer should they violate social standards of conduct in chats, comments and other areas of communication between players.

Betting Insider reserves the right to refuse to accept a bet from any individual without giving a reason.

All bets shall be settled based on the data provided by the data provider.

Winnings shall be paid to the bettor within 48 hours since the official publication of the results of the latest event on the bet slip.

Winning bet slips can be paid out within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the event specified on the bet slip.

A bet placed by the Customer shall be deemed won if all outcomes specified in such bet have been predicted correctly.

Betting terms (odds, handicaps, totals, maximum stake limits, etc.) may be subject to variation after a bet has been made, but this does not affect the terms at the time the bet was placed. Bets placed on events, the outcome of which was known at the time of placement, shall be settled at odds of 1.

In the event of suspicions in the unsportsmanlike format of matches Betting Insider reserves the right to block bets on sport event before final conclusion of an international organization and declare bets as invalid if the fact of an unsportsmanlike game is determined. Payment of these bets is made with odds "1". Betting Insider is not obliged to present evidence and conclusions to the customers.

In the event of obviously erroneous odds, such bet shall be settled based on the final result at the effective odds applicable to the certain market.

The Customer shall be responsible for keeping its password received at registration confidential. All bets registered with Betting Insider shall be valid. Bet cancellation shall be subject to these Rules.

No connection failure while receiving confirmation of a bet shall entail the cancellation of such bet.

Placing a bet acts as proof that the Customer agrees to and accepts these Betting Rules.

Bets shall be settled and winnings shall be determined based only on the results declared by Betting Insider.

Should the bettor commit fraud in respect to Betting Insider (such as the registration of multiple accounts etc.), Betting Insider reserves the right to stop such fraudulent actions by bet cancellation or closure of the customer’s account

Betting Insider reserves the right to update these Rules and add new provisions at any time. Such new rules or amendments shall take effect immediately after publication on the website.

4. Participation in the Rating

The winners of the rating are the users with maximum ROI and who have met all the conditions of the prize draw. ROI is the Return On Investment figure or profit figure. It is calculated by dividing the total number of bets into the total profit or loss to all the stakes

2. ROI= ((a-b)*100.0/b) *(exp(2.0*n/x)-1)*1.0/(exp (2.0*n/x)+1),

n — number of bets,

x — coefficient for a given time period

a — amount of virtual currency won

b — amount of virtual currency for a specified time period.

X-factor differs from time intervals: for all-time rating: 150, for monthly rating: 50, for weekly rating: 15

3. The overall rating includes users who have made at least 15 predictions and the latest prediction is not older than 30 days. The weekly rating includes users who have made at least 5 predictions. The monthly rating includes users who have made at least 10 predictions.

4. The Application reserves the right to change the rules of prize drawing.

5. A maximum of 3 bets can be placed on the same outcome. The value of each bet is limited. The limits depends on the odds and the amount of the bank.

6. The user chooses one of the proposed outcomes of the future match, and selects the amount of virtual currency that he is willing to bet on this outcome. You can make not more than 3 bets on the same outcome.

7. To participate in the weekly prize contest, the user must place a minimum of 8 bets on various events during this week. In addition, at least 5 bets must be with a text description of at least 200 characters.

8. The time of placing a bet to participate in the rating is the time of the start of the match on which the bet was made. An additional indicator by which the user's position in the rating is determined is the number of bets made. The more bets the user has made, the higher he/she is in the ranking. In case of equality of this indicator, the winner is chosen by the Betting Insider administration.

9. Having more than one account in the Betting Insider service is prohibited and punishable by a ban. The prize is allowed no more than 2 times for one account in Betting Insider and no more than 2 times for one account in the BC partner.

5. Virtual currency

Each user receives 5 000 units of virtual currency after registration. The user can fill up his virtual currency balance if balance is less than 1 000 and all bets are calculated.

Betting is not a gamble game. We do not accept bets on real currency, we only provide users an opportunity to compete with each other in predicting the outcomes of matches. You cannot withdraw money or make a deposit in Betting Insider.

Limits on bet amount:

Odds < 2: 5-25%

2 ≤ Odds < 3: 4-20%

3 ≤ Odds < 5: 3-15%

5 ≤ Odds < 10: 3-12%

10 ≤ Odds < 20: 2-8%

20 ≤ Odds < 50: 1-4%

50 ≤ Odds < 100: 0.5-2%

100 ≤ Odds : 0.5-1%

6. Live betting

Live bets are accepted on main markets (win, total, handicap) and additional markets). Y

The bet shall be deemed accepted once it has been registered on the server and online confirmation has been received. You may not alter the bet once it has been accepted. If the circumstances specified in p. 3.11 of “General Terms” occur, the live bet may be settled at odds of 1.

Betting Insider takes no responsibility for any inaccuracy regarding the current scores of matches on which live bets are being accepted.

No live bets may be edited or deleted.

7. Match results, dates and starting times, dispute resolution

Bet settlement may be revised when Betting Insider presents incorrect results.

Betting Insider bears no responsibility for a discrepancy between the stated date and time and the actual date and time of an event. The date and starting time of the event as shown in the “Sports” section are indicative. Bets are settled subject to the actual starting time of an event as specified in the official documents of the organizer of such event.

Betting Insider bears no responsibility for inaccurate references to the name of a championship or duration of a match (sports event). Details shown in the “Sports” or “Live” sections are indicative.

If the Customer places a bet on an event of which the result is known to them, such bet shall be canceled. In this event, Betting Insider shall make a decision only after a special private investigation.

If a match or competition is postponed (rescheduled) for more than 48 hours for whatever reason all bets on this event shall be declared void (this is an approximate time, Betting Insider shall be entitled to keep such bets standing at its absolute discretion for the avoidance of disputes which may arise if the match is postponed for more than 48 hours from the official scheduled starting time). The event shall be deemed postponed or rescheduled if the official scheduled starting time of the event is altered.

If a match or competition is interrupted for whatever reason and continues within 5 hours from its start, all bets shall stand.

When a dispute of a particular type takes place for the first time, Betting Insider shall make the final decision.

Bets on football matches (including cup matches) are accepted on regular time specified in the rules, unless otherwise stated in the “Sports” section (“extra time”).