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UEFA Champions League — Tips and bets

UEFA Champions League is one of the most popular tournaments for betting. The modern Champions League has gained incredible popularity and has overshadowed all national Championships. The new season of Champions League has already started on September 18.

Who will win the Champions League?

Pool of favorites in the Champions League in recent years quite conservative – Real, Barcelona, Bayern and two or three others. Many fans are waiting for a breakthrough from PSG and Manchester City, Juventus and Atletico. Perhaps the season 2018/2019 will bring some surprises.

The main charm of the Champions League is football of the highest level, especially at the decisive stages of the playoffs. The group stage of this season will end on December 12. The playoff calendar of the tournament is as follows:

Champions League calendar

  • 1/8 finals-from February 12 to March 13;
  • 1/4 finals-from 9 to 17 April;
  • 1/2 final - from April 30 to may 8;
  • Final – June 1, 2019.

The 2019 Champions League final will be held at the new stadium of Atletico Madrid, Wanda Metropolitano. In 2020, the Champions League final will be hosted by Istanbul.

Big excitement is caused by groups B and C, in these quartets there are obvious three leaders:

  • Barcelona, inter and Tottenham in group B;
  • Liverpool, Napoli and PSG in group C.
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