England. FA Cup — Tips and bets

FA Cup officially known as The Football Association Challenge Cup is an oldest football tournament. There are a lot of interesting matches in this tournament, because the fixtures in each round being determined by a random draw. In the first round of this tournament top english clubs could already play against each other. Participation in this tournament are allowed to clubs from EPL, English Football League’s and six lower divisions of english football.

Who will win the FA Cup?

Traditionally, the favorites of FA Cup are top clubs of EPL: Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. In recent years the FA Cup is often won by top clubs from EPL. Currently the cup is in possession of Chelsea. Occasionally you could see a sensational result in this tournament, when top club lose to underdog frow lower division.

Record-holder in the number of won cups is Arsenal. Arsenal has 13 cups. Manchester United and Tottenham are among top-3 clubs by victories.

The tournament starts in August with extraqualifi, followed by prequalify and qualification in which participates clubs from lower divisions. Clubs from EPL and Championship starts in this tournament from the third round which is held in january.

Schedule of rounds in FA Cup:

  • 1-st round - November
  • 2-nd round - December
  • 3-rd round - January
  • 4-th round - January
  • 5-th round - February
  • The final - may

The final match is traditionally held on Wembley.


Liverpool Win • 1.38
Southampton Win • 2.13
Leicester City Win • 1.76
Southampton Win • 2.18
Boreham Wood Win • 1.46
Over 1.5 Goals • 1.38
Over 1.5 Goals • 1.14
Over 2.5 Goals • 1.28
Crystal Palace Win • 1.727
Over 2.5 Goals • 1.34
Under 2.5 Goals • 1.727
Over 2 Goals • 1.64
West Ham United Win • 1.32
Bournemouth Win • 1.31
Over 1.5 Goals • 1.29
Over 1.5 Goals • 1.29
Ipswich Town or Draw • 1.28
Wolverhampton Wanderers or Draw • 1.28