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Copa Libertadores — Tips and bets

The Copa Libertadores is the main international club tournament of South America, the local equivalent of the Champions League. In this tournament the season is held in spring-autumn format. Forecasts for the Copa Libertadores today are quite popular: thanks to the Internet it is much easier to follow the matches around the world. 

Who will win the Copa Libertadores?

Local football is quite contravercial in terms of favourites. Here are the favourites:

  • Independiente (Argentina – - 7 wins in 7 finals;
  • Boca juniors (Argentina) – 6 wins in 10 finals;
  • Peñarol (Uruguay) – - 5 wins in 10 finals;
  • Estudiantes (Argentina) – 4 wins in 5 finals.

There is a whole group of teams with 3 wins in the tournament, including River Plate, Olympia from Paraguay and several Brazilian teams. Pairs of 1/4 finals are already known:

  • Atletico Tucuman vs Gremio;
  • Independiente vs River Plate;
  • Boca Juniors vs Cruzeiro;
  • Colo-Colo vs Palmeiras.

Of the quarterfinalists of the current draw, only Atletico Tucuman have never won the Copa Libertadores. Other clubs have at least one tournament won. Dates of decisive matches:

Copa Libertadores fixtures

  • 1/4 finals - from September 19 to October 5;
  • 1/2 finals - 25 and 30 October.
  • Final - November 28.
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